Charlie’s Food Bank

Charlie’s Food Bank provides free and low-cost pet services for people who are homeless, living outdoors, low-income and senior pet guardians in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The BC SPCA Animal Hospital works with Charlie’s to provide medication, vaccinations, and follow up care.

This community-based initiative was created to improve the lives of pets living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This program was launched in 2000 by the BC SPCA’s Chief Animal Health Officer at the time, Dr. Jamie Lawson, and the Vancouver Food Bank.

Charlie’s free vet clinic

A volunteer-operated free vet clinic runs on the last Thursday of every month, thanks to veterinarians and registered vet technicians who donate their time.

Since we started offering free vet care, we have seen an improvement in the health and care of animals living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

What can I get at the free vet clinic?

  • Check-up for your pet
  • Vaccines, dewormer and flea treatment
  • Minor treatments
  • Professional grooming services
  • Referral for spay/neuter surgery
  • Referral to animal hospital if needed