Permanent ID

Permanent identification (ID) is a passion of the staff at the BC SPCA Vancouver Animal Hospital. Many animals have been reunited with their families thanks to our tattoo identification program. We are also excited to offer microchip implantation with the BC SPCA’s BC Pet Registry Program.

Losing a pet is a traumatic experience that no guardian should have to suffer. With permanent identification (ID), such as a microchip, we have the best chance of reuniting you with you furry family member. Other ID options like collars with tags and tattoos are available but can get lost or over time are hard to read.

Microchipping is safe, easy to perform and most importantly permanent. Most veterinary hospitals and shelters across North America have microchip scanners and can use them to ensure you get your best friend home safe. If you would like your pet microchipped please let us know.

Did you know?

All pets microchipped at our clinic are registered with the BC Pet Registry. To learn more about microchipping or to register a pet’s microchip, tattoo or license, please visit